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Use this as a guidebook for understanding the different types of crystals and all of their unique properties. 


Agate - Harmonizes all seven chakras. Healing. Grounding. Wards off evil energies. Enhances Qi (life force energy). Balances emotions. Self-confidence. Strength. Courage. Dissolves feelings of anxiety. Boosts metabolism. Beneficial for those with stomach and digestive issues. Assists with insomnia. Strengthens blood vessels.  


Amazonite - Clears the pathway between the heart chakra and throat chakra to facilitate the ability for one to hear and honour their truth. Resolves boundary issues. Enhances self-knowledge. Open and honest communication. Expressing feelings and needs.  


Amber - Fortifies solar plexus chakra. Manifestation. Clears fears and phobias. Balance emotions. Cleanses the blood. Eases pain in the joints and ligaments. Prosperity. Attracts wealth.  


Amethyst - Supports third eye and crown chakras. Calm. Safeguards against psychic attacks. Enhances intuition. Raises one's vibration. Transmutes negative thought patterns and habits. Dissolves anger. Helpful for sleep disorders and nightmares.  


Ammonite – A fossil that is said to offer grounding & protection. Due to its spiral shape, it is a symbol of longevity. Clears any energetic debris & karma. Enhances the connection with Spirit guides & higher levels of consciousness. Brings luck, health, wealth & happiness.  


Aquamarine - Brings throat chakra into balance. Clear and compassionate communication. Courage. Depth. Grace. Willingness. Authenticity. Calm. Goddess energy. Cooling and soothing for the nervous system and emotions. Reduces inflammation. Promotes healing of ear, nose and throat ailments.  


Aventurine (Green) - Balances the heart chakra. Attracts abundance. Enhances one's willingness to receive blessings. Improves cardiovascular and respiratory health. Increases vitality.  


Azurite – Represents inner strength and balancing emotions. Enhances psychic abilities, specifically clairvoyance (seeing things clearly). Connects one to their spirit guides. Removes blockages in the physical body. Beneficial for reducing headaches and aids in detoxification. Dissolves feelings of anxiety and worry. Helps one to speak their truth and stand up for themselves.  


Blue Apatite – Represents manifestation and knowledge. Activates psychic abilities, stimulates intellect and promotes inner clarity. Assists in communication with the divine and spirit guides. Encourages the formation of new cells and aids in the absorption of calcium. Repairs cartilage and beneficial for reducing joint pain. Increases motivation and helps to balance emotions.  


Celestite – Increases understanding, higher consciousness and mindfulness. Helps to connect to divine energy and spirit guides. Promotes discernment and feelings of inner peace. Aids in dream recall, memory retention and having an open mind.  


Chalcedony – Removes negative energies, promotes confidence and communication. Reduces inflammation in the body and is beneficial for those with allergies.  


Cinnabar – Aids in spiritual growth and personal transformation. Attracts wealth and healing. Cleanses and purifies the blood. Removes negative energy and aids in self-confidence and self-esteem. Promotes longevity. Releases feelings of anger and resentment.  


Citrine – Represents joy, optimism, prosperity and energy. Relieves fatigue, supports the thyroid and digestive system. Grounds the wearer and boosts confidence. Promotes flexibility and eases one through transitions.  


Clear Quartz - Heals crown chakra. Can be paired with other stones to amplify their properties. Channels energy. Recharges depleted crystals.  


Flower Agate – Helps to bridge the gap between emotions and reality by activating and connecting our heart and root chakras together. Aids in personal growth and moving past old situations. Restores emotional balance and promotes feelings of spontaneity and joy.  


Fluorite - Supports third eye chakra. Enhances mental clarity and cognitive functions. Clears energy fields. Protects the auric field from psychic attacks and harmful energies. Facilitates focus and concentration. Useful in the treatment of ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and learning disorders.  


Garnet - Stabilizes root chakra. Purifies and cleanses the blood, spine and bones. Passion. Creativity. Enhances sensual energy. Increases the ability to attract love and relationships. Joy. Desire. Motivation. Fertility. Empowerment.  


Green Goldstone – A stone of protection and grounding, shielding the body from negative frequencies. Instills confidence and a positive outlook. Brings healing to the heart, balancing the emotions and supports during times of transition. Strengthens communication with the Divine, increases prosperity and promotes feelings of courage. Beneficial for resolving issues related to the skeletal, circulatory and nervous system, as well as easing pain and inflammation.  


Hematite – Dissolves negativity, promotes strength, increases self-esteem. Enhances willpower and reliability. Imparts confidence in the wearer. Grounds and protects. Beneficial for resolving health issues such as, high blood pressure, clots, heavy periods, as it enhances blood circulation. Detoxifies the body and allows for proper nutrient absorption.  


Jade - Harmonizes heart chakra. Fosters steady growth of life force energy, "Qi". Brings luck, fortune, wealth and health. Protection.  


Kyanite – Beneficial for meditation and attunement. Aligns all chakras, dispels blockages and moves energy throughout the body. Provides feelings of calm and tranquility. Enhances psychic abilities, aids in dream recall and helps to connect with spirit guides. Beneficial for the adrenal glands, throat, brain and muscular system. Helps to heal infections, lower blood pressure and relieve pain naturally.  

Labradorite - Supports crown chakra. Enhances innate spiritual abilities. Transformation. Prevents psychic attack. Facilitates one's ability to access and recall knowledge.  


Lapis Lazuli - Strengthens third eye and throat chakras. Clairvoyance. Precognition. Provides insight into dreams.  


Lepidolite (Purple Mica) - Balances third eye chakra and heart chakra. Calming and soothing. Quiets the mind. Resolves insomnia and other sleep disorders. Relieves coughs, pain and anxiety. Assists with transitions. Serenity. Spiritual purification. Useful for clearing negative energies when used during meditation.  


Malachite – Imparts wisdom and heals the physical body. Helps to diminish fears and readily accept change and transformation. Removes blockages in the heart chakra, promotes grounding and increase feelings of courage.  


Morganite – Represents peace, joy, wisdom, inner strength and justice. Assists with communication and expression in relationships. Counters heart palpitations, clears the lungs, supports the nervous system and relieves stress-related illnesses. Helps to overcome fear, resentment and anger.  


Moonstone - Activates crown chakra. Forgiveness. Intuition. Divine feminine energy. Enhances one's ability to be more receptive to receiving divine guidance and creative inspiration. Reduces aggressive behaviour. Protects one while they are in a dream state.  


Onyx – Provides protection and energy to the wearer. Shields from any negative energies. Aids in reducing fatigue, menstrual issues, inability to focus and gastrointestinal issues. Aids in decision making and helps one to realize their true potential.  


Pheonix Feather – Soothes body fatigue and sore muscles. Inspires one to be positive and dispels any negative thoughts. Represents transformation and renewal. Elevates mood, builds blood and aids in manifestation. Allows one to speak from the heart.  


Phantom Quartz - Supports the throat chakra. Dissolves anger and anxiety. Enhances telepathic communication to the spiritual realms. Compassion. Symbolizes the soul's many lifetimes. Broadens spiritual awareness. Assists with transitions. Supports the endocrine system, spleen and blood vessels. Harmonizes the root, solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras. Grounding. Protection against psychic attacks. Clears negative energy within the body. Helpful for ameliorating symptoms of bipolar disorder and panic attacks. Self-realization. Accelerates healing and recovery. Facilitates angelic contact. Clairaudience.  

Rhodochrosite - Attracts love and heals one from past heartbreak. Represents wisdom and truth-seeking. Connects one with their inner child and supports one on their spiritual journey. Beneficial for those with heart issues and headaches. Balances the mind and emotions. 


Rose Quartz - Supports heart chakra. Compassion. Love. Friendship. Enhances nurturing energy. Dissolves emotional wounds. Facilitates with grief, loss and trauma. Increases feelings of self-worth and self-love.  


Rutilated Quartz - Harmonizes solar plexus chakra. Stabilize emotional/mental processes. Enhance nutrient absorption. Supports digestive system. Increases energy, self-awareness and intuition. Fortifies connection with Spirit. Accelerates healing. Channels divine masculine, feminine and angelic frequencies.  


Selenite - Activates third eye and crown chakra. Clears energy from all other crystals. Purification. Cleanses auric field. Dissolves energy blocks. Facilitates connection with higher realms and beings of consciousness. Relieves pain, inflammation and tension. Promotes feeling of calmness and serenity.  


Smokey Quartz – Grounding, shields away any negative energy and prevents overwhelm. Neutralizes EMF radiation, settles feelings of anxiety and overthinking. Reduces headaches and improves sleep. Helps to clear out old patterns and supports personal growth.  


Sodalite – Emotional balance, calms the mind, reduces panic attacks. Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance & self-trust. Supports the metabolism, boosts the immune system, aids in calcium absorption. Absorbs & neutralizes electromagnetic frequency radiation.  


Strawberry Quartz - Balances the heart chakra. Universal love. Assists in overcoming obstacles. Increases self-confidence. Realigns one with their life path. Spiritual enlightenment. Provides inner peace. Friendship. Attracts like-minded individuals. Astral-travel. Eliminates waste in the bloodstream. Alleviates pain in the lower back and abdomen. Enhances libido and fertility. Acceptance. Joy.  


Sugilite – Represents wisdom and love. Aids in spiritual growth, manifestation, and inspires one to discover their true purpose in life. Promotes feelings of appreciation and courage. Removes negative attachments and blockages in the aura. Enhances physical healing, resolves feelings of discomfort and is beneficial for those with learning disabilities, autism and dyslexia. Calms the mind and promotes peace.  


Super Seven - Harmonizes all of the chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown). A combination of seven different types of crystals; Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz and Quartz. Accesses spiritual realms and divine knowledge from ancient beings. Connects one to past-life experiences. Assists in raising one's energetic vibration. Expands consciousness. High mental clarity. Strength. Dissolves negative thoughts and worries. Deeper meaning for one's soul purpose.  

Tiger's Eye - Represents inner strength and self-confidence. Balances the mind and body. On a physical level, it can enhance metabolism, harmonize the endocrine system and increase energy levels. Assists with exploring deeper levels of consciousness and spirituality. Attracts abundance and good luck. 


Topaz – Balances the meridians in the body, promotes feelings of forgiveness, joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Attracts love and fortune.  


Tourmaline (Rainbow/Watermelon) - Expands heart chakra. Increases feelings of self-love. Enhances passion for life. Courage. Compassion. Beneficial for overcoming grief, loss and bitterness. Attracts romantic love.  


Turquoise – Dispels negative energy, aligns the chakras, reduces mood swings and promotes feelings of inner calm. Beneficial for those experiencing depression, exhaustion and panic attacks. Promotes inner clarity and truth-seeking.  


Tridacna Stone - Creates an aura of protection around the body against negative and harmful energies. Calms the mind. Wisdom. Promotes good energy flow. Increases metabolism. Anti-aging properties. Resolves insomnia. Prevents osteoporosis. Fertility. 

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